About Us

About First Responder Tree Service

First Responder Tree Service is a local, family owned company. The Owner, Giancarlo, is a third-generation arborist, and he learned how to provide high quality tree services from his father, who also owned a local company for over 20 years. Now that he is running his own business, his focus is on providing quality services safely to transform each home into a sanctuary.

Safe & Professional Tree Crews

Tree work can be dangerous without an experienced crew, and that is why at First Responder Tree Service we make safety our number one priority. By thoroughly implementing safety procedures and rigging when necessary, we not only keep our crew safe, but we protect you, your family, and your property from damage.

DIVERSITY: Specialized Tree Services

First Responder tree service provides all of the basic tree services, such as removal and trimming, but we also provide many personalized and specialized services for our customers as well. These specialized services are the difference between overgrown, scraggly forests and elegant, serene parks. Read more about our specialized trimming and pruning services, like deadwooding, whitespacing, and beautification on our site.

Diversity: Transforming your yard

Besides creating a serene sanctuary through trimming and pruning, we can create a fun and exciting environment that encourages people to interact and draw closer together. For example, fire pits and rope swings are entertaining additions to anyone's home. Read about the different outdoor experiences we can create for your home on our outdoor experiences page.