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Why our trimming methods will save you 20-40% in your trimming cost and maintenance.

Incorrect pruning causes a stress responses in your trees or shrubs and, if they survive it, they will grow branches faster and more numerous, causing you to prune your trees 20-40% more frequently. It can even cause them to rot and die. Furthermore, incorrect pruning can be like a bad haircut, and a beautiful tree can become very ugly with the wrong cuts.

We at First Responder Tree Service understand the value of keeping healthy trees. Trees are good for the environment and good for your property value and aesthetics. But did you know that the health of your tree is greatly impacted by how it is pruned? How does First Responder Tree Service approach trimming and pruning?

Tree Trimming & Pruning: Technique


The first step is knowing where to begin. Cutting in the middle of a branch, while sometimes suggested to encourage growth, is a terrible idea. Why? It will lead to one of two outcomes.

1) In some plants it will cause a stress response, triggering multiple sprouts out of one small spot. This is why some encourage this practice. While you may have more foliage quickly, the resulting branches are normally smaller and more fragile and tend to look scraggly.

2) In other plants, the cut is unable to heal and the branch will begin to rot. This rot can spread into the rest of the tree as well, causing it to eventually die.

To solve these problems, it is important that your tree care professionals know to trim and prune at the branch collar. What is that? The branch collar is the place where the branch or limb attaches to the tree. At this junction, trees are able to "scab" and grow over the cut. This ensures that the tree will continue to grow healthily and will not rot from that cut. Sometimes it is better to cut a branch a little longer at the right place than shorter at the wrong place.

Ornamental Pruning & Beautification:

What's the Difference?

One of our specialties at First Responder Tree Service is ornamental pruning and forest beautification.

Trees are beautifully designed, and many have exquisite and unique shapes. However, when a tree is overgrown, the beauty of the tree is often obscured. The trick is to work with the natural shape of the tree to alter it's appearance without being able to tell exactly what was done to it. This allows your entire property to take on a serene and park-like appearance.

For more information on this, please see our Outdoor Experiences page.

Natural Beauty

Allow people to see the natural shape and beauty of your tree.

Spacing & Light

Whitespacing is one technique we use when trimming

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