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TREE REMOVAL Requires experience

First Responder Tree Service understands that a safe tree removal can be made dangerous if you don't have the experience required. You can rent a chainsaw at Home Depot, but it doesn't come with experience. This is why we suggest having our professional, trained crew come out to take care of any tree work that you have. Please do not gamble with your own life and get help when removing trees. Our caution and care keeps you and your home safe.

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First Responder Tree Service & Tree Removal

Removing Trees. There are a few different things to consider when removing trees. First, what is the condition of the tree? If the tree is dead, alive, or uprooted, this greatly changes the risk factor. Trees that are healthy or alive are more predictable, while dead and rotting trees can literally crumble while you climb them. Second, where is the tree located? When trees are located over houses, pools, fences, or other structures, a climber needs to be well trained to exercise proper caution and make sure that removing the tree does not cause damage to the surroundings. This can be done by using proper cutting techniques and by using safety rigging.

Falling a tree into an open space is, of course, the safest. Any time a climber goes up in a tree, his life is on the line.

That's why we at First Responder Tree Service make safety our number one priority.

Should I remove my tree? First responder answers:

Just because First Responder Tree Service cuts down trees doesn't mean we don't love them! It is important to cut down dead, dying, rotting, hazardous trees. That being said:

Trees are so important for our environment!

We don't want to just cut down healthy trees. Trees produce oxygen and lower greenhouse gasses. Just because a tree is near your home does not make it dangerous. First, healthy trees near the home, even if they were to fall, would have less momentum than trees that are farther away and can actually act as a buffer against other falling trees and debris. They can also help keep the sun off of your house, keeping it cooler in the summers and saving on your AC bill.

But what about the squirrels that get on my roof!?

If you are having problems with rodents or debris (like twigs and leaves) getting on your roof due to trees near your home, there is a solution. Want to learn more? Please review our Trimming & Pruning page, where we discuss how to keep your trees and keep them off your house.

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