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Rules for permitting vary depending on the area. In most residential areas, cutting down even a healthy tree on your own property is left to your discretion as the homeowner. However, especially when a property is located closer to or within a major city, permitting may be required.

PLEASE NOTE this permitting information applies to those living within the city limits and may differ from other areas, which fall under county jurisdiction. A Permits by County page is coming soon...

Atlanta City Tree Permits

The Atlanta Tree Commission outlines clearly the requirements for permitting for tree work in Atlanta. Permits are needed to cut any trees that are 6 inches or greater in diameter at breast height. Please refer to their site for a permit application, frequently asked questions, and information on how to respond to an emergency situation, such as a tree that is an immediate hazard. For your convenience, we are posting the link here.

Atlanta Tree Commission Permit Page for tree removal permits.

Atlanta Tree Commission FAQ Page for tree removal permits.

Alpharetta City Tree Permits

Alpharetta, has a seamless and user friendly system for permitting requirements, and on one page you can find the links to applications for residential and commercial properties, as well as instructions for emergency situations and other standard tree care services. Link below.

Alpharetta City Removal Requirements Page- permits and instructions.

Canton CITY TREE Permits

Within Canton city limits, all trees that are 4" and larger in diameter at breast height need a permit to be cut down. A permit application is available online, and the city can be contacted to answer additional questions.

Canton Online Application for tree removal permits

Canton City Website contact us page

Marietta City Tree Permits

Within Marietta City limits, permits are not required to remove trees on residential properties. However, they are required for all commercial properties, including but not limited to apartment complexes. For more information or other questions, please contact the city.

Marietta Online Application for tree removal permits

Roswell City Tree Permits

Within Roswell city limits, a permit is required to cut any tree 3" in diameter at breast height or greater. There is some exemption criteria. Tree removal regulations and exemption criteria are outlined in detail on their online application, link below. For more information, please check their 'Trees' page on Roswell's website, link below.

Roswell City online application for tree removal.

Roswell City 'Tree' page.

Sandy Springs City Tree Permits

In Sandy Springs City limits, a Tree Removal Permit is required for the removal of any hardwood or pine tree 18 inches Diameter at Breast Height or larger, the removal of a Dogwood or Redbud 10 inches or larger, or the removal of any tree located within the Chattahoochee River Corridor or a Stream Buffer. A permit is not required if a tree is dead, dying, or hazardous, but the city arborist must still be notified and receive pictures to prove the tree's state. If you have any additional questions, you can contact the city directly or check their Trees & Arboriculture page online for more information.

Sandy Springs permit for tree removal information page

Sandy Springs Trees & Arboriculture page

Woodstock City Tree Permits

Within Woodstock city limits, a permit is required to cut down trees even on private property. Woodstock law allows up to 5 trees per year to be cut. They have a permit application online, and you can contact the city with any further questions.

Woodstock Online Application for tree removal permits

Woodstock City Website 'connect with us' page

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