Disaster Relief

First responder

It's our name because it's who we are.

Disaster response

We chose our name because we are first responders. When a hurricane, tornado, ice storm, or something similar hits, our crews are ready and prepared to work.

In times of disaster, communities must come together to recover. First Responder Tree Service is ready to help!

Hurricane & Tornado Response.

First Responder Tree Service is based out of Atlanta, but we mobilize around the country after large storms to help communities get back on their feet. We are among the first with boots on the ground and saws in hand, ready to clear roads, take trees off of houses, restore properties, and get the hard work done.

Ice Storms.

When people commonly think of hard-hitting natural disasters, they often underestimate ice storms. Ice storms cause damage because when ice quickly covers tree branches and power lines, the weight is more than they can bare. Power goes out and trees split and break from the weight. That's where we come in.

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