Fire pits: The Ultimate OUTDOOR Experience

Especially as the weather grows chillier, there's nothing that will improve the look and usability of your yard quite like a fire pit. Fire pits add functionality, they add warmth to the cold of autumn, and they set the perfect mood for late-night conversations, big parties, or intimate, romantic evening. Some fire pits are smaller and are meant as a centerpiece- perfect for lighting up the evening or roasting marshmallows. Others are a bit bigger and, beyond lighting up the space, can be used for grilling and keeping toasty warm when it's cold. Fire pits also come in a variety of styles- from rustic, large stone construction, to sleek metallic add-ins.

Sleek Metallic

Small, sleek, metallic fire pits are perfect for small spaces and outdoor patios. They both warm and brighten the space without overwhelming it. Most are transportable and can be moved later if needed.

Chic Stone

Sleek stone fire pits add a high class flare to any outdoor living space and are perfect for entertaining both large and intimate groups. They are a permanent fixture necessary for any fun-loving host.

Rustic stone

Rustic stone fire pits are the postcard of family dinners in the fall and fun nights with friends. They have a sturdy and permanent feel but with a quick and less intrusive construction.

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